The Music Man was my first ever experience in acting. It is a musical theatre show set in River City, Iowa in 1912. Its about a con-man called Harrold Hill who pretends to be a music teacher. He is trying to trick a town out of money when he falls in love with a piano teacher called Marian. He helps her little brother – Winthrop (played by me) to overcome his lisp and social awkwardness and then decides to become an honest person and stay in the town to become a real music teacher.

Mum mum was in the show (at the Palace Theatre) and knew they were looking for a young boy to play Winthrop. I was 10 but looked about 8 as I was a little small for my age back then! I not only had to act with a speech impediment but I also had a solo song to sing called “The Wells Fargo Wagon.” I auditioned and got the part. It was very nerve wracking to perform in front of a live audience of hundreds of people each night but really exciting. Thats when I got the bug and knew I wanted to be an actor.

A extract from the review of The Music Man by NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association)

“and Joseph Gallucci, who played Winthrop in the performance I saw, was delightful.”