Rocket’s Island

Rockets Island (CBBC, 2012 – 2015)

Rockets island was about a foster family living on an island off of the coast of Wales. The plot focussed on how the Bolsworths (mum, dad, daughter and son – ME!) coped with the social issues of each foster kid. I played Rocket Bolsworth and my character believed in the magical legends of the island. As Rocket introduced each foster kid to a different legend, it somehow ended up dealing with their problems too. The moral of the show was about believing in people and the magic of childhood.

I auditioned when I was eleven for the pilot series which was shown a year later. Thats one of the things you have to deal with – I am normally a year older than what people think and a lot of changes happen to a teenager in a year! Anyway, I got the part and the rest as they say is history. We shot 29 episodes in total (3 x 1 hour for the pilot series and then 26 x half hour for series 1 and 2) in various locations around north Wales including Snowdonia. What a beautiful place by the way. We filmed for 3 months on location every summer, which meant living in a hotel and going to school in a caravan! Yes, we had tutors for 3 hours a day that had to fit around the filming schedule. Most days we were collected at 8am and would not get back to the hotel until 7pm. A lot of the scenes were shot on a little farm and a school but some were inside a big warehouse that had different sets built inside. For example, the ‘Wish Cave”, the inside of The Oldest Mans house and the school classrooms were all sets built at “Base”. Lunch was a highlight as it came from a catering van that served amazing food which we then ate on double decker buses that were parked on the site. You might notice my weight and not just my height changes as each series goes on! The last thing I will say about the show was that I not only learned absolutely loads about acting and the film making process but I also made some amazing friends. The cast and crew spent so much time with each other, we became a little family. Its brilliant to see some of them go on to do other TV shows and movies – but I am not surprised as everyone was so talented. It was an amazing experience and I am sad it is over. But, on to the next adventure!






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